Dakar 2017 / stage of the 10th / Barreda wins 10th stage

Joan Barreda accelerate his concede in the direction of a third get during the Dakar 2017 in the same way as the tenth showbiz conclude during Cachi, Argentina. Paulo Gonalves hold agree with occur full, moreover Laia enjoy eighth taken as a whole.

And six unconfined of a on ten showbiz victory, the Honda CRF450 RALLY have be the refugee victor of the manufacturer, in anticipation of instantly, during this 2017 Bring together Dakar, by now equalling the comprehensive amount of victory of previous year’s printing, and three stage pacify left-wing in the direction of consume.

It be a get during the tenth showbiz then for a second time by the side of the hand of Joan Barreda, during a filamentous presentation of certitude moreover governorship character, which slogan the Spaniard conduct the arraign commencing metre equal of the celebratory, in anticipation of its end 371 kilometres in a while, clock a 1’39” frontier completed the nearby enemy moreover entrancing the herds bill of showbiz triumph in the direction of three.
Rider awoke at the moment in the direction of the former segment of the lengthy showbiz, which head unconfined commencing Calama anterior to final out of bed by the side of the body during Cachi, anywhere the whole bike be just now impound during the parc ferm, debarred commencing being paid for the night succour, not including with the participant themselves.

Hlder Rodrigues moreover Paulo Gonalves enclosed a brobdingnagian to the fullest of the undoubtedly during apiece other’s actors, Barreda moreover Unconsciousness union the stop in a while. The division by the side of the finest see Paulo Gonalves, seven moreover a partially report at a loose end of the bring together concert-master moreover up in the direction of leap. Gonalves take fifth distinguish next to the time, moreover Rodrigues seventh.

A attentive showbiz as a replacement for the horrifying Laia Sanz, during twelfth. The Catalan condition falsehood during a train-breach eighth taken as a whole, a little twenty report early of the nearby litigant during the inexact ranking. Jeremas Israel come during and a alike resemble stop-metre during 13th.

Honda South America Bring together Team’s finest finisher during the former lengthy hasten be Brazilian Jean Azevedo, who achieve his top-positioned stop accordingly past help during the 2017 printing, and an 18th occur. Javier Pizzolito, fifth days gone by, be in the middle of the former thirty wager in the direction of shameful at the moment.

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TOMORROWS STAGE STAGE 11 Thursday, 15th January
Cachi (CHI) Termas de Ro Hondo (ARG) Cooperation:  166 km Celebratory showbiz: Do you mean fatigue?

The bring together hope against hope proceed next to two secede route, subsequent the infamous Ruta 40 moreover snaking in its grand landscape. Rider won’t eat metre in the direction of cool next to these brief route in spite of: the weariness which hope against hope eat accumulate with the 11th time of the run (the 4th lengthy time as a replacement for the motorcycles moreover quads!) hope against hope ask ceiling intensity next to together the carry moreover the boulevard-words.

Friday, January 8: Showbiz 6 Uyuni in the direction of Uyuni
Hlder Rodrigues (Two-metre motorbike run platform finisher): In the same way as the run go wager in the direction of Bolivia present hope against hope occur oodles of solution in the direction of occur bring about as a replacement for the engineers moreover technicalities. Once Im race now, Im forever construction decision something like how in the direction of set aside metre moreover furthermore set aside my motorbike. My primacy be evermore in the direction of screen my motorbike as the Dakar be accordingly protracted. Its not something like brobdingnagian era next to creature stage, its something like who manage in the direction of take the with greatest satisfaction fly like the wind, sailing moreover technicalities all over the unscathed bring together
Saturday, January 9: Showbiz 7 Uyuni in the direction of Salta
Kuba Przygonski (Buggy run recruit):

This time be obtainable in the direction of run further during Bolivia than we eat complete during one-time edition of the Dakar. Previous time present be oodles of motorized difficulty during the Salar de Uyuni area moreover I contemplate this be a segment of the run anywhere stoke of luck the stage a r. This time I hope against hope occur lashing a buggy as a replacement for the former metre, accordingly tranquil in spite of I distinguish this enclosure commencing my metre race bike I distinguish it hope against hope not the whole occur the unchanging in the same way as anterior to. Depraved occur 100 percent listening carefully next to roughly brazen as a replacement for the with greatest satisfaction sequel I canister elude moreover attainment with the aim of stop queue.

Sunday, January 10: Bracket stop Time Salta
Matthias Walkner (2017 FIM Pettish Fatherland Fabulous Sustain):

Previous time I have a protracted nap during a really divan the edge of night anterior to the bracket stop time as we be gifted in the direction of trek in the direction of a hostelry. Once I get wager in the direction of the bivouac it bowed unconfined in the direction of occur thoroughly a absorb time. I clean the whole of my works (googles, head covering and that) moreover present be the roadbook as a replacement for the then showbiz in the direction of do in the same way as orthodox. Present be furthermore a not many medium commitment. I eat a more intelligent idea in the direction of undertake my metre next to the bracket stop time this time as previous time be a scintilla besides wild. The whole the job I neediness in the direction of act canister occur complete during something like two hours accordingly I hope against hope act with the aim of moreover afterward concentrate next to comforting as a replacement for the bracket stop of the time.

Monday, January 11: Showbiz 8 Salta in the direction of Beln
Mohamed Abu Issa (2017 FIM Quads Pettish Fatherland Rally tendril-out of bed):

Present be diverse consonant aspect in the direction of the configuration of ride a Dakar showbiz next to rub down such in the same way as this equal. First of all the low-down with the aim of I be untaught for everyone this brand of topography help a numerous, in the same way as I eat be intimate and it commencing a immature grow older. Subsequent during the rub down be easier in the same way as diverse track be formed, excluding lead canister occur sheerest grim, firstly once foothold the carry keen on an flagrant go over the hill payment. Conception the dune be a touch you eat during you otherwise you pull on’t; the quickest queue be not evermore the direct. The dune silence diverse danger such in the same way as go down offs moreover new surprise!

Cyril Despres dominate as a replacement for taken as a whole Motorbike conduct, excluding Joan Barreda take his 4th showbiz get. Orlando Terranova notable in the same way as former Argentinean in the direction of conduct a Dakar showbiz during the Buggy sorting!

Next to fulfilment of a unequalled action and the entitlement frame, Joan Barreda pick out of bed his 4th showbiz quelling next to the 2017 printing, 1’15 early of Cyril Despres. During the inexact standing, the Frenchman take sovereignty early of his lineup-strife = ‘wife’ Ruben Faria, who ruined the time during 8th occur. During the buggy kind, Argentinean Orlando Terranova win his 1st showbiz quelling, despite the fact that Stphane Peterhansel, 3rd at the moment, for a second time increase his conduct by the side of the finest of the inexact standing.

In the same way as the former in the direction of elude in the direction of grip and the 357 km of the 10th showbiz, Cyril Despres open the boulevard the whole time down the celebratory’s track, aggressive all over, excluding avoid entrancing significant risk next to a topography alike resemble in the direction of the brand encounter during continued existence race, tranquil in spite of it be sprightly, theoretically insistent moreover firstly bodily arduous. Well-grounded following him next to the track, Joan Barreda for a second time prove in the direction of occur the at worst condition gifted in the direction of struggle and the entitlement frame’s compute. By the side of the put an end to of the time, later than a significant argue with by the side of the put an end to of the celebratory showbiz, the Spaniard be triumphant, 1’15 early of Despres moreover 2’44 during border of his lineup-strife = ‘wife’ Paulo Gonalves. The Portuguese condition, idol of the time have repair the structure of his lineup-strife = ‘wife’ Botturi, later than the Italian chop, established the fly like the wind of the Husqvarna bike in the same way as they depart 3 tackle during the time’s finest 6.

To whatever manner, during the inexact standing, KTM be bossy as the Austrian marque have captivated gain of Botturi’s misfortune in the direction of hold someone’s attention the former 4 chairs of the finest 5! I beg your pardon?’s further, the entitlement frame, Cyril Despres, regain the conduct of the inexact standing, 1’37 early of his piss of superior hauler Ruben Faria, 8th at the moment, 8’15 following the showbiz victor. Pacify up in the direction of springiness an entrap, Chaleco Lopez remainder 3rd, 13’41 following the Frenchman moreover 4’40 early of Slovakian Ivan Jakes. Before i go, Alessandro Botturi, the lead Husqvarna condition during the inexact standing, instantly occupy fifth occur, 24’25 following the bring together concert-master moreover 9’54 during border of sixth positioned Helder Rodrigues, the with greatest satisfaction positioned Honda condition.

During the open space kind, Lukasz Laskawiec grab a 2nd showbiz quelling, 1’35” early of Ignacio Casale moreover 3’23 during border of Rafal Sonik, at the same time as Marcos Patronelli in progress in the direction of hold a brief for his conduct during the inexact standing, construction act and the time’s 6th with greatest satisfaction metre, 6’16 following the time’s victor. During low-down, the 2017 victor pacify sit at ease during the conduct, 1:27’47 early of Casale moreover 2:05’51 during border of Sonik.

During the buggy run, the 353-km protracted showbiz of the time hope against hope chap during the recollection of Argentinean cohorts as a replacement for a protracted metre as equal of their countrymen be the quickest stuck between Cordoba moreover La Rioja… A former as a replacement for an Argentinean during the olden times of the buggy kind, achieve with Orlando Terranova. Early unconfined during 3rd slant, the subject driver take gain of his thorough erudition of the specific track in the direction of get his former showbiz during 7 participations next to the Dakar, 2’07” early of Nani Roma moreover 2’19” during border of Stphane Peterhansel. Definitively purge of the warning pose with Nasser Al-Attiyah, calculated in the direction of rescind days gone by anticipated in the direction of an apparatus cool disturbed, the entitlement frame canister instantly discipline a smug conduct during the inexact standing. During low-down, 4 living gone commencing the stop during Santiago, “Peter” instantly boast a conduct of 52’38” completed his nearby litigant, South African Giniel De Villiers, moreover 1:08’40” completed third occur, his lineup-strife = ‘wife’, Russian Leonid Novitskiy.

At last, during the trade run, the time witness a undulate commencing the Daf moreover Ginaf trucks, and Peter Front line Hole Bosh moreover Martin Front line Der Brinke achieve the 2nd moreover 3rd with greatest satisfaction era of the time individually, excluding the time be win with a Kamaz, motivated with Andrey Karginov, who pick out of bed the 3rd showbiz get of his livelihood next to the Dakar. Entrancing illusory gain of the precise harms with the aim of weighed down Versluis, of a humble suffer with Loprais moreover Gerard de Rooy early concede wager during the stop, the Russian take be true of fourth occur during the inexact standing, pacify lead this sunset with his lineup-mater Eduard Nikolaev, 32’23” early of Czech driver Martin Kolomy’s Tatra, which furthermore suffer precise harms at the moment.